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  • Stephen Lecce, MPP

Statement from MPP Stephen Lecce

MPP Lecce issued the following statement in response to the release of names of the victims of the attack in the riding of King-Vaughan.

Lecce’s family lived in the condo for many years and visited residents many times over the years.

The statement below can be attributed to MPP Stephen Lecce.

“This senseless tragedy has left so many members of the community here in Vaughan heartbroken. To all those who have been impacted, please know Ontario’s government stands with you and the whole community stands with you. It is very close to home, as I have visited the condo many times, attended Christmas parties, and even my own family has resided there. It's a good community of people who live there.

I want to thank our police and our first responders who were present on the line to respond to this unspeakable moment. My MPP office will be lowering all flags in honour of the victims."

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