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  • Stephen Lecce, MPP

Photo Release - Rowan's Law Day

In 2018, Rowan’s Law was passed and changed the way that Ontario sport organizations identify and address potential concussions.

Rowan’s Law Day, named in honour of Rowan Stringer’s memory, is commemorated in Ontario on the last Wednesday in September to raise awareness about concussions in sport. For five years and counting, Ontario’s sport and education sector made great strides in promoting awareness and developing educational resources on concussion safety.

We are the first jurisdiction in Canada to pass concussion safety legislation. All school boards updated their concussion policy in 2019 to be consistent with Rowan’s Law.

“As we commemorate Rowan’s Law Day in Ontario, our government is working with students, coaches, parents and educators to promote concussion safety and prevent injury,” said Stephen Lecce, MPP for King-Vaughan. “While students return to extra-curricular activities and sports, our schools have policies in place to keep students safe from concussion injury.”

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