• Stephen Lecce, MPP

Ontario Unveils Plans to Accelerate Access to the Justice System

March 11, 2021

TORONTO — The Ontario government has announced a new multi-year plan to speed up access to the justice system. Justice Accelerated is a groundbreaking strategy that will build a more accessible, responsive and resilient justice system. The strategy includes a new investment of $28.5 million for a digital case management system to help reduce delays and backlogs at tribunals. The plan also includes moving more services online and expanding remote hearing technology to more courtrooms across the province. "New thinking and swift action over the past year have produced breakthroughs that prove we can better meet people's expectations for how justice can be done, and we are not turning back," said Attorney General Doug Downey. "The Justice Accelerated Strategy is the next chapter in our work to break down barriers in the justice system and speed up access to services. We are determined to continue demonstrating, through persistent innovation and collaboration, that justice accelerated is justice delivered." COVID-19 compounded longstanding challenges that cause delays for individuals and families across a justice system that has been neglected and falling behind for decades. The Justice Accelerated Strategy will help establish new and innovative ways of delivering services, including:

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