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Ontario Launching Credit and Debit Payment on TTC

TORONTO – The Ontario government is making it easier to take transit by giving riders more ways to pay on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). Starting Tuesday, August 15, riders can use credit or debit cards to pay fares, including cards on a smartphone or smartwatch.

“The launch of credit and debit payment on the TTC is just another way our government is making life easier for people across the Greater Toronto Area,” said Stan Cho, Associate Minister of Transportation. “Whether travelling for work, appointments, or anything in between, the transit experience should be as convenient as possible.”

The launch of credit and debit payment on the TTC follows the successful introduction of more payment options across many local transit systems in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Areas. In addition to the TTC, riders can also use credit or debit to pay fares on GO Transit, UP Express, Brampton Transit, Burlington Transit, Durham Region Transit, Hamilton Street Railway, MiWay (in Mississauga), Oakville Transit and York Region Transit.

“Our government is working with our municipal partners to make it easier and more convenient for transit riders to get from point A to point B,” said Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation. “We are continuing to improve PRESTO services by introducing new and innovative payment options that make fare payments easier.”

The Ontario government is also working with Metrolinx to introduce virtual PRESTO cards for mobile wallets in the coming months.

Quick Facts

  • The PRESTO open payment pilot launched on UP Express with credit card payment in March 2021 and expanded to include debit card payment later that year.

  • Ontario is the first to offer a Canadian debit option to pay for transit by tapping on a PRESTO device.

  • PRESTO has approximately 4.7 million active customers.


"Giving people the option of paying with their debit or credit cards makes it easier for people to choose the TTC to get to work, school or anywhere else. As a transit rider, I’m pleased to have new options for paying my fare quickly and conveniently. As Mayor, I am committed to making the TTC more reliable and convenient for everyone, and today’s announcement is an exciting step in the right direction."

- Olivia Chow Mayor of Toronto

"We are thrilled to offer expanded payment options on the TTC, starting August 15. The addition of debit and credit card payment for adult fares on all TTC buses, streetcars, and at fare gates, gives customers more choice and convenience when they travel. Tapping on with a debit or credit card is a feature we know our customers want, and will help to further grow ridership on the TTC. I want to thank the TTC team and our partners at the Ontario government for making it happen."

- Councillor Jon Burnside TTC Chair

"Adding the option to tap a debit and credit card on PRESTO devices across the TTC is another way for customers to have more choice in how they pay their fares as they travel throughout the region. We are excited to bring this new way to pay to TTC customers, making it easier and more convenient for people to choose transit."

- Phil Verster President and CEO of Metrolinx

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