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Ontario Expanding Access to Midwifery Services

TORONTO — The Ontario government is investing $8.27 million for new and expanded midwifery services across the province that will connect thousands of families to faster care in their own community. This funding includes $4.82 million to expand midwifery services in community health centres, hospitals, family health teams and existing midwifery practices, as well as $3.45 million to support future initiatives put forward by health care providers to expand midwifery services in their community.

“Our government is building a more convenient and better connected health care system that puts people at its centre and improves their access to services in every corner of the province,” said Sylvia Jones, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health. “Strengthening and adding new midwifery services will ensure expectant families and their newborns have access to care closer to home.”

Services are being expanded in every region of the province and will:

  • increase access to low-risk pregnancy and newborn care in both hospital and at home;

  • build better integration between midwifery, newborn care and primary care to improve transition through every stage of care; and

  • connect people to more culturally appropriate health care options – including traditional Indigenous health services – and improve outcomes.

Starting today, health care providers can also submit proposals to receive funding to expand access to midwifery service in hospitals or through primary health, team-based comprehensive prenatal and postpartum care. Up to $3.45 million is available, including $1.45 million for the province’s Indigenous Midwifery Program, which includes Indigenous Midwives working within interprofessional primary health care teams to expand Indigenous-led midwifery services in urban, rural, northern and on-reserve Indigenous communities.

Through the Your Health Plan for Connected and Convenient Care, Ontario continues to deliver convenient care where people need it most, right in their own communities.

Quick Facts

  • The $4.82 million in new and one-time funding is available immediately, supporting midwifery services and Indigenous midwifery programs across the province.

  • The $3.45 million, available through the new call for proposals, will continue to support expansion of midwifery services in Ontario, providing more low-risk expectant families with access to midwifery care.

  • A call for proposals launched today will provide $2 million for Expanded Midwifery Care Models for community-based midwifery services in hospitals and in primary care team-based settings and $1.45 million to support the Indigenous Midwifery Program models. Applications are available for distribution starting Thursday, August 10, 2023. Please send an email to and indicate in the subject line which application you are requesting.

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