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  • Stephen Lecce, MPP

Ontario Bringing High-Speed Internet Access to Township of King

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

TOWNSHIP OF KING – MPP Stephen Lecce announced the government is bringing high-speed internet access to unserved and underserved homes and businesses in Township of King marking another milestone in its plan to help connect every corner of the province by the end of 2025.

"Too many families and businesses in our rural community do not have access to high-speed internet, which is why we are investing to connect more homes, businesses and farms across King," said Stephen Lecce, MPP for King-Vaughan. "This investment, in partnership with Bell Canada, will connect nearly 360 underserved homes and businesses to high-speed internet in the Township of King. By taking this next step, we are one step closer to connecting every home to the internet -- helping students with their studies, businesses getting their products to new markets, or families accessing services."

“Our government is ensuring every community in Ontario has access to reliable high-speed internet,” said Kinga Surma, Minister of Infrastructure. “We are making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families in areas such as the Township of King. Through our tremendous progress, more Ontarians will be able to have access to reliable high-speed internet no matter where they live.”

The government estimates that there are as many as 360 underserved homes and businesses in Township of King. Following a two-stage competitive process, Bell Canada has signed an agreement with the province to bring high-speed internet access to homes and businesses. In total, the province has signed agreements with eight internet service providers to bring access to up to 266,000 unserved and underserved homes and businesses in as many as 339 municipalities across Ontario.

Today’s announcement is part of Ontario’s historic investment of nearly $4 billion to bring access to reliable high-speed internet across the province, which will help ensure that every home and business, in every community, can participate in today’s economy.


“For the last several years, King Township has worked in partnership with internet service providers to successfully connect thousands of homes and business to high-speed internet. Having reliable access to high-speed internet is more important than ever with the expansion of remote work and online learning. On behalf of Council and King Township I’d like to thank the Government of Ontario, Kinga Surma, Minister of Infrastructure, and Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education and MPP for King-Vaughan, for this significant investment that will help more people in King connect to this essential service.”

~ Mayor Steve Pellegrini

Township of King

“King Chamber of Commerce is very excited to be a part of this announcement. We are very happy to see that the Government of Canada and Province are committed in investing in infrastructure across our country. The expansion of fiber optic broadband network to rural residents in King Township will help people stay in touch with family and friends and help ensure local businesses can compete in the global marketplace and have potential to expand in innovation and economic development. This in turn will help to create jobs, grow our economy, and help people in their everyday lives.

~ Angelo Santorelli

President, King Chamber of Commerce



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