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  • Stephen Lecce, MPP

Expanding Eligibility for Emergency Child Care in Southern Ontario

The government will be expanding eligibility for the targeted emergency child care program to more frontline workers. This expansion helps the parents of school-aged children who may not be able to support their child's learning/care at home because they are performing critical roles in their communities and are required to report to work in person.

New Additions to the List of Those Eligible for Emergency Child Care:

  • Front-line staff in Children's Aid Societies and residential services • Individuals working in developmental services, violence against women services, and anti-human trafficking • Individuals working in victims' services • Individuals engaged in interpreting or intervenor services for persons who are deaf or deaf-blind • Individuals working in a homeless shelter or providing services to homeless persons • Food safety inspectors and individuals working in the processing, manufacturing or distribution of food and beverages • Provincial court services personnel, including Indigenous court workers • OPS staff employed in Radiation Protection Services • RCMP and Canada Border Services • Canada Post • Pharma and medical device manufacturing and distribution • Power workers • Non-municipal water and wastewater workers • Education staff who are required to attend schools to provide in-person instruction and support to students with special education needs who cannot be accommodated through remote learning • Employees of a hotel or motel that is acting as an isolation centre, health care centre, vaccine clinic or housing essential workers.

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